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The Power of Perspective........

Your ability to reframe a situation is an important skill that can transform your life. Today, take time to clean your lenses so you can view life from a higher perspective.

What is your perspective? What type of lenses are you looking through? Do you generally see problems or possibilities?

In business and in life, we almost never have the whole picture and are often blind to what is going on. We can establish our own understanding and we keep things moving, but we are always going to be limited by our own perspective.

This is why communication and community are so vitally important to success. In fact, the most successful people I’ve met have commented that the greatest assets in their lives are their relationships. They almost always have a strong network of peers that they draw on to ensure that they receive a range of perspectives when facing their biggest decisions and challenges.

"What we see depends on what we look for."

Here are 3 ways for you to shift your perspective, elevate your career and change your life for the better:

  • Who is in your inner circle. This is not just a list of work colleagues or family and friends, but the small group of close confidants. This is a diverse group of peers that you can go to with your deepest issues. They are there to Question your Answers not Answer your Questions!

  • Improve the questions you ask. Ask questions to seek to understand not just to supply an answer. As we get higher up in an organization, we often get removed from the day-to-day. Instead of being in the weeds, we need to set the course and create a vision for the future. You have to be curious and ask the right questions — of your company, your team and, finally, of yourself.

  • Practice Gratitude. While it’s easy to recognize the importance of gratitude in your daily life, leaders shouldn’t underestimate its importance in the workplace. In the moments where everything feels like it’s going wrong, don’t lose sight of the many things that are still going right.

How will you view the world today?

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